Athletic Mouth-guards

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What are Athletic Mouth-Guards?

Athletic mouth-guards help to protect your teeth while you're playing close contact sports. They can be made for children as well as adults. The purpose of these guards is to prevent your teeth from being severely damaged if you get hit in the face or mouth by another player. Athletic mouth-guards are comfortable and custom made to fit each player.

Why would you need Athletic Mouth-Guards?

You may require an athletic mouth guard because you play close contact sports or have a child who is playing these types of sports. While no one wants to think about themselves or their child getting hit in the face or mouth by another player, it can happen and it is better to be protected than to face the consequences. These guards are comfortable to wear because they're custom fit to your own unique mouth shape. They're durable and long-lasting so that you can benefit from having them for a long time.
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What makes you a candidate for Sports Guards?

You're a candidate for an athletic mouth-guard if you play sports and want to protect your teeth. The guard works by creating a cushion in front of the teeth as well as between the teeth. This prevents trauma from occurring if you get hit in the mouth or if you accidentally grind your teeth during game play. To determine if an athletic mouth-guard is right for you, you'll need to have a consultation appointment.

What can you expect when getting an Athletic Mouth-Guard?

If it's been determined that you'll benefit from an athletic mouth-guard, you'll begin to have one made. This is done by taking impressions of your teeth and mouth. The impressions are used to create the guard that you'll wear while playing sports. Next, you'll come back into the office to have the new mouth-guard fitted. We may need to make slight adjustments to it so that it's more comfortable. In order for the device to be effective, it has to be worn every time you're out on the field.
If you think you may need a dental guard while playing sports, call our office and we can get you in to have one made for you.
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